40 Wedding Nail Designs You Will love To Have


Wedding Nail Designs – Wedding is the most important moment ever for all women in the world. It means they will face the new world and write a new journey in their life. The best thing to make the wedding becomes perfect is considering all details and make sure that all the look is so much impressive. What about you? Have you chosen the theme of the wedding, style of your wedding dress and accessories? Don’t forget about the details of your nails – Have you choose the wedding nails ideas? Well, if you still looking for the best wedding nails art and design for your own special moment, here we provide you the best collection of various wedding nail designs. Here we go!

Wedding Nail Art Based On Nails Type

If you wanna have the matching wedding nail art, you should consider the wedding theme and dress you choose. Other than that, you should take a look on your fingernails type first: Is it Long Coffin nails, Almond nails, short nails, Stiletto nails, Eggshell, or French manicure? The wedding nail art should possible to show the attractive details and exclusive appeal according to the type of nails.

Coffin Nails “Ballerina” Stiletto Nail Designs Eggshell Nails

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For example, you choose the Coffin “ballerina” nails type. The perfect wedding nails art for coffin nails type is creating something extraordinary by putting the 3D gems or small flowers. This interesting wedding nail art will perfectly match the coffin nails type especially for you who can not draw details on nails. But if you decide to use stamps, you’d better make it like Halfmoon Nails.

Halfmoon Coffin Nails

Nail Designs For Weddings

Not all character, stamps and draws that really suitable for the perfect big wedding day. You should really consider the theme and wedding outfit before choosing the right nail designs. The most popular nail designs for the wedding is floral patterns and draws; 3D flower, gems, and ribbons; sparkling and shimmering French Manicure; and also simple shades of white, pink and another color that suit the wedding dress.

3D Flower Acrylic Wedding Nail Designs with Stamps and Stones

Nail Art For Weddings

Here we give you such ideas to make your wedding look become so much with details on your nail art for weddings.

Nail Art For Weddings

First, always a French manicure with a glitter and shimmering effect. Absolutely perfect! With the addition of glitter and 3D detail, the Nail Art for a wedding looks more lively and sparkling. The Glossiness of Shimmering Powder will add a festive and luxurious impression.

wedding nail designs

Then 3D flower with a combination between gel polish and acrylic powder. You can choose the color by yourself, but the most popular color for the wedding is always Pink and White. The combination between those 2 material required for Nail Art could easily be created to resemble the flowers. By arranging the petals one by one, then you’ll get amazing detail floral touch. Not only beautify your nails, Nail Art for Weddings 3D flower acrylic powder certainly enhance your precious moment.

Various Wedding Stamps

And the last but not least, Stamping technique. Yes, with the clear stamper and a lot of various stamps you can definitely make the nail art for weddings more amazing. The stamping technique is the easiest way to beautify your wedding nails without taking so much time. You only need to arrange and combine the base color gel polish and the color you use for stamps. For the last touch, give the 3D objects such as Ribbon or Gems or you and add detail such as small brush drawings.

Wedding Nail Designs

Talking about Wedding Nails, you should consider what designs you choose to make gorgeous details and perfect look. One of such options here we give you is simple shades of white like a pearl. This pearl effect needs an oil-slick finish that reflects the light off your nails – then you got your iridescent nails appearance. Or draws a stunning colorful flower bouquet with small brushes in the white base. But if you dare-to-be-different, then you can choose the geometric wedding nail designs. This kind of simple manicure will absolutely gorgeous for you – you only need to make it bold and subtle texture. Each single strip of geometric design features pink nude base or creamy and sandy base will look more amazing putting 3D accessories or wear jewelry. Or, put a simple polka dot – Done!

Simple Polka dot Nails

Wedding Nail Colors

What is your first thought of wedding nail colors? White, Pink, and sandy? Yes, those are popular colors women use for their special wedding. But how about royal blue, burgundy or black and white (see our super fresh ideas of Black and White Nails Art here)? Those are super, too. But here we are going to give you amazing wedding nail designs and art of color white, pink shady, ivory, and sandy.

Pink And White Wedding Nail Designs

When you think about the wedding, sure you might think about pink and white wedding nail designs. These delicate pastel colors are the perfect choice to make your wedding nails become so super amazing and match for all those closeups of the wedding rings. Al little glitter will make the delicate colors more interesting.

But when you choose the pink base, and the white polish ain’t dominating the nails, you can choose reverse French technique – or Halfmoon. Just put a little glittery silver and don’t make it overdo. Simple pink and white manicure is also good – this is the best way with no taking a longer time. Just give the 3D design to make it more stand out.

Purple Wedding Nail Designs

A special occasion like A Wedding moment is a great time to go all out with your nails. Just give’em details, sparkling and shimmering glitter, or Purple! Don’t you think purple is the new pink? Look for special purple and glittery nail polish and alternate it with simple silver varnish. Add some crystals or various stamps to complete the look.

Blue Wedding Nail Designs

The how about blue? This is not the alternate color for the wedding, but you can choose this color especially royal blue wedding nails. Combine it with silver varnish or white french manicure, then put a glittery top coat. Or you might choose the simple coffin wedding nails mixed with tape.

Other than that, sparkling aquamarine blue is also a perfect color. It looks calm. The more you add simply white touch, the more you get a stunning and delicate touch – such wedding nails look great when the light dimmed.

And don’t miss the french manicure with blue tips.  This is the simple way for you to decorate the wedding nails when you have no full-time for art your nails. Blue tips can balance out your wedding image and the wedding bouquet.

Beautiful Wedding Nail Designs

Now have you chose the beautiful wedding nails? Wait a moment! We still have 2 more ideas for you: Unique wedding nails and Ombre wedding nails. Another way to add some zest to your nails is to add such a unique draws, stamps, or patterns. Simple white tips might be the choice, but these beautiful wedding nails below will get you special look with new designs and so stunning. Let’s check creative extravaganza of wedding nails below!

Unique Wedding Nail Designs

What do you think of a wedding? Bride and Groom? Yes! Then draw it to your nails! If you love such a very hard details in the nails, the Bride and Groom wedding nails will perfectly match the wedding theme. Paint the nails with a pure white base, draw the wedding veil and groom suits in the couple of nails, then put a jewelry or crystals after top coat. Voila! You have just created a rich and elegance look!

Black And White Nails

Another wonderful idea is coming from the bow ties. Groom suits give us the idea of unique wedding nails by drawing bowties in all the nails but remain one nail in different designs.

It called triangular tip outlines wedding nails. This is very easy to do, at least you are ready with a french manicure. All the wedding colors are suitable for this technique – just let your creativity guide you here! Putting the rhinestones as the compliment is the best way to make it more starry.

Have you tried the voluminous varnish? This kind of nails art actually perfect for any occasion, include the wedding moment. A special impression comes with a stand out white or blue base – paint them with a thick and glittery nail polish.

Best wedding nail designs 2017

And you will not believe this unique wedding nail designs! Cut a lace, and put it on your nail, then rub it with top coat. Well, then you have a classic look of lace wedding nails.

Ombre Wedding Nail Designs

Delightfully wedding nail designs ideas comes from the use of 2 to 4 or even 5 gradient gel polish. That much in one nail? Yes! This is called Ombre nail art technique. This technique create an impression of a modern and stunning nail art! If the color combination perfectly blends and match the overall appearance, you will get an amazing wedding nails look.

That is the ombre wedding nails for 2 gradations of color. You can prepare it with a french manicure, and then with a sponge, transparent and color glittery gel polish, you will get a look similar to the french manicure technique.

And that is the 3 color gradations of ombre wedding nails with white stamps and jewelry. If you want to sport on your nails at some point, you can choose pink shades or even burgundy. When you get a white wedding dress, Red and burgundy gradations will stand out your look. Perfecto!