15 Unique Nail Designs for Short Nails


Nail Designs For Short Nails – Having the beautiful nails with a charming and impressive detail is certainly strongly change your look, right girls? What kind of gorgeous nail art creations do you prefer? But do you know that not all nail designs for short nails suitable to be applied on all types of nail shape? What if your nails are not so long?

We can cover it up! We serve a lot of inspiration and creative nail designs for short nails suitable for all events, occasions, and themes. How to paint the following nail art is not hard – you just need to adjust nail art equipment such various stamps, clear stamper, rhinestone, gems, glitter, acrylic powder, bold and glossy top coat, and also colors of gel polish.


Let’s get started!

Simple Nail Designs for Short Nails

Don’t be too complicated to figure out what is the perfect nail art for your short nails, we can handle this. It is very easy to create a Do-It-Yourself unique nail art. You only need to express your creativity – ideas are everywhere! Or, you just need to follow our references of ideas. Let’s check this one out!

Leopard Matte Unique Nail Design

Matte never goes astray! This one of unique nail designs in 2017 still using the most popular technique in 2015: The new glossy, just Matte! Adding a leopard print might be super fresh idea, but not for all the nails. Just put it on a coup0le of nails, then you will get your own creativaganza nail art in the moment.

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Chopper and Bronze Nail Art

We dare you to get chromed! Shiny Nail Art Chopper and Bronze (Gold) has that fresh salon look, but now you can paint it in your nail easily. Paint the chrome as the base color, then with a flower tapes, polish the second layer of black coat. Take off the tapes, and voila! You get the most stunning chrome unique polish nail art in your nail.

Unique Nail Art Designs Creative

Do you think the simple way to get a fresh look on the nails is just make it glossy and put the rhinestones? Yes, but you should consider to remain one nail in a different look. Such as this Unique and Creative Jeweled Net Nail Art Designs. With a halfmoon technique of nail art, you deserve to get the stunning black look – black is always awesome, with shiny effect of putting rhinestones. Well, you should really aware, having that kind of unique nail art will make you a Star!

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Oval Nail Design

If you want to make your short nails become as longer without having to wait it becomes longer, you can use this nail enhancements’ technique. You will get to see the nail instantly becomes longer, then you can shape it into an oval look.

Pointy Nail Designs

You will rock all the occasions you attend by this rocking amazing glittery purple pointy nails. Especially you wear something beautiful purple dress. All eyes will on these incredible nails!

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Cute Nail Designs For Short Nails

Check out our cute, incredibly, and quirky nail deisgns for short nails below, and get ready for the next occasion – cause you will be the center of attention. You will have a great look.

Love Nail Design

Valentine’s is coming next February and Paris is still the city of love. Make the feeling of love with lovable person into your nails with a combination of french mani, white base color in just one nail, Eiffel Tower drawings, Love stamps, and pink domination! Girls would adore this kind of nail designs for short nails.

Acrylic Nails with Bows

Beside you use the nail enhancements technique to make your nails come into longer, you can also use the mixing acrylic powder with finishing gel polish and create a bold 3D patterns. After that, put the 3D Ribbon and gems to make it more amazingly sparkling.

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Butterfly Nail Art

French mani is always the best choice for short nails. And this Butterfly cute nail design suits your nails perfectly. Adding a natural touch such a baby pink color gel polish is a Must for making a very fresh impression of cute nail design. Especially if you really know how to draw with small nail brush. Lovely!

Flare Nails

The super cool flare nails is coming! This one of our nail designs for short nails is having full of cuteness. Seems like you can adore your nails all day long. All that pinky and 3D Ribbon would be seriously perfect for you in special occasion such as get into Valentine’s Day, Summer holiday, and absolutely a Date – this is not being over.

Easy Nail Designs For Short Nails

You can match the french manicure to the dress you wear. The simple idea of nail designs for short nails usually begins from the way you choose the dress. Yet you can paint the nails easily – like the nail designs for short nails we serve you down below. Let’s add the edgy look for your best nails look!

Cheetah Print Nails

every girls wish to be a center of attention. Then you should be! Unique nail design cheetah print nails is absolutely stunning and perfect for you. Paint the nails with major black, use the tapes for making second layer of cheetah print, and voila! You get the fantastic combo of trendy nail art that stand out your look. Go with the diamonds and shine like the queen of elegant!

Ombre French Nail : PurpleTo White Ombre

Look how gorgeous this nail art! The shades shows a contrast gradient, but it doens’t loose its own unique part. This mani gives so much more mysterious felling, and absolutely crazy.

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Unique Nail Art

The 3D gems accents make this trendy nail art look even prettier. Seriously, this is the studded nails ever! Having the futuristic color of gray with square lines will give your nail look a totally ‘kick butt’.

Red Nails With Diamonds

Don’t you wish this season begins with something ‘hot’? Ruby Red gel polish absolutely will rock you! This current fashion nail art trend is always be the most chosen by manicurist and very easy to do by yourself. The only one thing you really need to do is make the ruby red glossy and create a halfmoon effect with glittery and sparkling silver gel polish with an addition of rhinestones. Pick it up!

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Dazzle Nails

Does any nail design for short nails can beat this gorgeous dazzle blue with glossy gold tapes? Take a look on this amazing royal blue. You really can get the touch of absolute elegance and luxury by painting this nail art design.

Wanna see our other nail designs for short nails? Check our gallery and find the best nail designs for short nails that keeping you in amazing look!