20+ Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas for Beginners


Thanksgiving nail art, if you just want to escape from all kinds of random issues and prying eyes so better distract your viewers to something else-what would you say to go to some of the fall nail art designs? Nail design 2017, that great furious this year will only add feathers to your fashion company. If you’ve been raised in the spirit of the autumn Thanksgiving with good clothes, perfect hair and then fought hard to resist temptation, You add some flavor to your intelligence global fashion, dragging the spotlight on you.

While the other women will be busy to choose the right accessories for their clothes or just new clothes for the occasion of Thanksgiving, you can only go one step forward, by showing a side of creative nail art designs at home.


Now, you will try in a few design manicure mood and your preferences. This time go to something based on nail art design exactly must a festive atmosphere. Make sure to put in a unique nail art design, so that even if some women have come up with a nail art design variables, you will only make you win the night.

I know that you’ve been busy with other tasks, so you can hardly find the time to Google around some ideas nail art. This is the reason why, I spent a Saturday night, I explore some great nail art site to find easy nail art ideas and finally rounded up some nail art idea is good to save you time. So, here we go!

The following thanksgiving nail art designs easily do yourself

Turkey nail art

Because Turkey is the main attraction of the Thanksgiving nail art, try some cute nail design from Turkey on your nails. Paint a Turkey may seem a difficult task. In fact, it isn’t if you go through the pictures an easy DIY nail design to try at home. With such a variety of ideas, I am sure that you choose one nail design that is easy for you.

Autumn nail art designs

Due to the winter season, the autumn leaves are common. If you don’t like the idea of Turkey, you can go with this autumn nail design is great. Even if I put together some easy nail designs, you can only pick up fallen leaves and destroy them and use them on your nails along-with natural nail polish to give it a natural look.

You can also choose to nail stickers to fans. He’s not there are a few nail stickers available in the market fall leaves. Just place and pretend that you have painted yourself.

Pumpkin Nail Art Designs

Outside Turkey and green beans, pumpkin pie is the gratitude of another flat. You will have met some basic Halloween Pumpkin designs, do not see this quilt design on your nails.

Now, I give you some nail design ideas, easy thanksgiving nail art designs. You can show off your creative side by choosing simple and easy nail art for beginners. While some of them are tricky for beginners.

Many of the party’s unforgettable and fun by chasing the latest nail trends that are unique. And if you’re the host, then you are bound to be beautiful and comfortable. No matter how busy you are with all the preparation, ranging from clothing, makeup, and tried a few nail designs for thanksgiving only to surprise your guests with your avatar creation too. So as to make them feel part of the Thanksgiving hosts is like a walk in the park for you.

Let me know which design you like best and what plan Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!