25+ Super Fresh Flower Nail Designs


Flower Nail Art – If you feel like you lost your mood during the day, then you need something to turn it back into the amazing feeling. The only one way to make women feel amazing and special is doing a beautiful manicure. Here we give you some super fresh ideas of nail art and design, and here we took a women’s most favorite theme: Floral Flower. Not only provide you collected super fresh flower nail art ideas but also we would like to show you step-by-step of drawing beautiful and stunning flower nail art by special technique Wet on Wet. Ready to make a mood booster on your nails? Here we go!

Flowers on nails? Why Not? The flower is always beautiful for women. It symbolizes a calm and free feelings, also a joyful and beautiful inner world. Flower is not only suited for dresses, but also nail art and designs. Roses, brush-stroke handmade flower nail designs, and cute flower pattern from stamps are the easiest designs that women can do with their nails. But you and your creativity can do more! Just like flower nail art images below.

Purple and white flower nail designs

You can combine 2 or 3 colors at the same nails. In addition to the classic stunning and stylishness, this flowers on nails suggestion is featuring some delicate elements and shade with also stamp that make the manicure look truly amazing.

Flower Nail Art Designs

The fashionable flower nail art designs can be shown by adding acrylic powder and mix it with gel polish. And when the mixture becomes a bit solid, you are free to form flower petals in your fingernails or form impressive 3D patterns – you don’t have to be a professional when you do it. Just let your creativity guide you to work on your nail.

Or just use the stamps, scotch tape, and add the details with small brush-stroke. It is never been a problem whether your nails are short or long – all the flower nail designs here are suitable for all nails type. Make it more decorative by only paint some nails and let the other nails only top coated without flower pattern.

Flower Nail Art Step By Step

Finally! Here we’re going to give you the flower nail art step-by-step with a special Wet on Wet Technique. The implementation is not hard to do – you’d only need a brush to make the flower stroke, gel polish and top gel (you might buy it online such in El Corazon), and UV light or LED Lamp to cure. This is unusual flower nail designs, so if you did these steps successfully, you will get stunning and amazing deep purple-layered Roses with the black background.

First, apply gel polish color black and cure over the UV Light a moment. Then apply the second layer of gel polish color black and directly draw the rose petals (with white color gel polish and by brush) on wet polish, and cure it. Here you already get the white rose petals with the black color background. But, we wanna make it Purple, don’t we? Apply Purple transparent gel polish. For more shimmering and great look, put the crystal powder then cure it. Last step, wipe off the top gel and cure it.

Voila! You get the most stunning wet on wet flower nail designs. Have your mood changed now?

Flower Nail Designs Gallery

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