30+ Simple And Easy Valentine Nail Art Designs


Valentine Nail Art – Howdy! After tons of ideas we provided you before, now we wanna give you another idea based on occasions – and we’re sure you can do this nail art by yourself easily. Well, let’s begin the simple and easy Valentine’s Nail Design!

It’s deeply true that something big sometimes comes from small things. Life is amazingly fun, isn’t it? And this “small thing” you should prepare is a very special Valentine nail art with various kind of nail art techniques. Everything has to be so much perfect even just for detail on your nails! Let’s check out, girls!


Valentine Nail Designs Ideas You Will love To Have

Red, pink, white, glitter, heart, polka dots, chocolate, and arrows. Those are the main idea of every Valentine nail art. And these chic valentine nail designs below will rock your Valentine!

Stunning Glammy Glitter

This stunning Valentine nail art easily made by only 3 main nail art tools: Gel polish, Stamps, and Clear stamper. For the perfect finishing, you can put gems or 3D heart or ribbon.

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The Famous and Fabulous Sparkling Pastel Heart Nail Art

How fabulous this Valentine nail art! You can not miss the pastel and glitter. Yet Valentine’s Day is about Red and Pink, but you can mix-and-match them with another pastel colors such as aquamarine, yellow, or even pale gray. Then wiped it off with transparent glitter gel polish.

Chic Character? Why Not!

Give your nails a bit shabby chic touch with the small brush. But here’s the trick: rub a couple of nails with pink gel polish, then cure it on UV light. Take a cotton bud, dip into nail polish remover, then draw a heart. And put a fixing gel in the heart-shaped portion removed earlier. Then draws an outline with another pastel pink color. Put the gems, and voila! You get the cute heart character brush-drawing Valentine nail art.

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Easy Valentine Nail Art

A nice and perfect nail art for special moment and occasions usually takes quite a bit longer time – giving attention to details carefully, rubbing several layers, and also decorate it with a variety of techniques. However, just sit down nicely! Because we provide some idea of Valentine Nail art that you can do yourself easily.

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Love At The First Tip!

It looks so sexy, isn’t it? We say: Sure, it is! You only need to polish every nail tip with a red nail polish and draw half-heart-shaped.

Classic and Minimalist Heart-Tape Nail Art

If you have such a tape and cut, luckily you have all that you need to make a classic and minimalist heart-taped nail art. You only need to cut the center of the tape with a shape of a heart, then attach it on your nails. Apply gold and glittery nail polish, and you get a gold heart in the center of your nail! He will adore you more!

Impressive Classic Rose Gold Nail Design

Here we go back to the classic but impressive nail design that suit for your special moment with him. Rose Gold is perfectly making you Valentine’s look so outstanding! To get the perfect result, use many layers of Rose Gold gel polish and finish it with top coat.

Simple Valentine Nail Designs

After knowing how to make easy Valentine nail art, here are some ideas of valentine nail art which is simple but not eliminate the impression of unique and interesting look. Check valentine nail art ideas!

Hanging Hearts

You will be so entertained when you see this Hanging Hearts nail art design. A very simple design you can try, but give you special meaning and stunning looks.

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Red Glam Valentine by French Manicure

Do you love french manicure? The this Red Glamorous Valentine nail designs will impress you a lot. You can draw the simple line by small brush, also put a love stamp in one of the nails. Pretty quick nail art design and simple look but so impressive.

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Valentine Ombre 2 Color Gradient

Not only special occasion such as Wedding that using this technique but Ombre nail design also suits to Valentine theme. Do you see it? A very very stunning nail art, isn’t it?

Simple Nail Designs

Have you chosen your own best simple and easy valentine nail art? You gotta more impressed by this kind of simple nail designs. These designs are very suited for all occasion, not only for Valentine’s Day but also suit for all moments. The way you design the nail art for Valentine is also quite easy as it only requires creativity in making a pattern and color combination nail polish. Let’s check this tiniest bit of festivity simple nail designs.

Strong Purple and Plum Heart Root

We love this simple Valentine nail art. Polish the sweet plum color in a couple of nails, and with a small brush, you can draw the shape of a heart with its root. Make an impression that you do not want him to hang your love.

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Doctor, Please Check My Love Pulse

This is now a request, but an astonishing simple nail design detail about the impression thrill of love inside the heart. You have to try this nail art!

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