20+ Pretty Purple Nail Designs


Purple Nail Designs – Women always want to be a center of attention at anytime, anywhere. And one of the colors that can show an impressive and glam looks is Purple. And each shade and tint has its own meaning, but here we give you the most lovable shades and tints of Purple that can match for your nail arts. And you can choose your own hues and shades for coloring your purple nail design. Ready for being different, girls?

Purple Nail Color


Just like we told you, purple has its own meaning for every shade, tint, and also hues. The most interesting of this purple nail color is how very elegant and beautiful impression this color can be shown. And it is associated the sacred and spirituality, higher self, passion, third eye, and vitality. Starting from the brightest shade: bright purple hues suggest riches and royalty. Light purple hues represent feminine energy as well as romantic and nostalgic feelings. The next hues symbolize the balance of soul and reflect elegance. Then dark purple hues evoke feelings of luxury.

But it would be shown a different look of purple nail designs when combined with other colors or 2 or more gradations of purple. Your creativity will carry its own meaning in those colors. Such as combine purple with gold or silver acrylic. Or adding more nail art design in your mani with chrome pigments.

Purple Nail Art Designs

New Year’s Eve is coming! Do you already have an idea for your special manicure appearance on that day? Let us check some purple nail art below!

A very first special purple nail designs come from El Corazon. They call it Halfmoon Nails. It’s very beautiful and impressive with light metallic purple. You can use El Corazon No. 423/931, No. 423/905 and Kaleidoscope ST-02 with a stamping polishes. For the perfect finishing, just rub the Active Bio-Gel Color Gel Polish.

Purple And Silver Nail Designs

Or if you just wanna be so “Modern but still old-fashioned”, you can choose the deep purple nail designs with silver drawing line polishes and add 3D buttons. We call it A Stunning Plaid Purple Nail Designs.

Purple And White Nail Designs

And then The Soft Matte Gradient – this is so NYC! You will absolutely love this purple nail designs. Just look at the smooth gradation of light white and the mauve, and also gems as the accessory. It uses a combination between soft gradient matte nail polish with gel polishes The Gel Bottle Inc. No 123 and finish it with matte top gel. Also a simple stamping on a couple of nails. DOPE!

Purple And Black Nails

Black doesn’t always evoke feelings of sadness and scary, but mysterious. Just look at your mani when you rub a one coat sparkling deep purple over a black base and just left a single nail without the purple coat. No top adding. What a perfectly stunning purple and black nails, isn’t it?

Purple And Gold Nails

Yes, New Year’s Eve is always about glam, vibrant, shimmering, and festive! You should have the great look, especially your purple nail designs. One more idea that should not be missed: A Gold And Crystals! Use The Active Bio-Gel Purple Color Gel Polish as the base, and draw (using a small pointed nail-brush) several bursts of fireworks with gold polish in a couple of nails. Don’t forget to put the Crystal.

Purple Nail Designs Picture