Nail Art Design for Short Nails


Nail Art Design for Short Nails – Some girls keep their nails short for various reasons. One common reason is because it is hard for them to keep it long because of its brittleness. Brittle nails have a tendency to break making it difficult for them to grow long nails. The current nail art designs however, make it possible for them to have exciting nail art designs, an alternative to having boring short nails. The ail art designs for short nails are simpler and neater but the result is as charming and elegant as nail art designs on long nails.

Here are some of these beautiful nail art designs for short nails:

Celestial Theme


Moons and stars will look delicate and fragile on short nails enhancing its beauty and trimness. To achieve this look, you will need dark blue or aqua blue color nail paint as base coat and nail stickers of moons and stars. Apply the nail paint on the nails and wait for it to dry totally. When the paint is completely dry, glue the moon and stars stickers on top of the base coat sparingly to make the nails look like a starry night. Apply a colorless nail polish over the design to protect it.

Polka Dots

The polka dot design is an appropriate design for short nails. This will give the nails a neat but playful look. The polka dots can even in colors that match an outfit or dress. This is also an easy to do design. all it needs is a base coat, preferably of a dark color to make the dots standout and nail polish of different colors of shades of your preference. Simply apply the base coat and allow it to dry. When the base coat is completely dry fleck the nails with nail polish of different colors. You can arrange a design such as a diagonal line of dots, or dots flecked randomly on the nails.

Geometric Design

Creating geometric designs on short nails is tricky since the canvas, the nail, is rather small but with the use of nail stamps and other tools available in a salon, this design can be achieved. It is better for girls with short nails to have geometric nail art design done with perfection in a nail salon. To achieve this design, the nail stamps are affixed or glued over a base coat and the blocks are done by a tool that is used to scrape the colors subtly.

Rhinestones and Glitters

The most exciting nail art design for short nails is done by sprinkling glitters and tiny rhinestones. This is a great nail art design for that formal evening event since it is elegant, striking and very fashionable and easy to create to boot. After applying a base coat, you don’t wait for it to dry, instead sprinkle the glitters and tiny rhinestones over the base coat that will serve as the glue for the design to stick to the nail. To preserve the design, apply a coating of a colorless nail polish.