How to fix a broken nail?


How to fix a broken nail? Learn about the first advent of nails that are frequently attacked on your nails.

One of the important parts of the body that is often noted for reasons of appearance i.e. the nails, both fingernails or toenails. In addition to the reason of appearance, keeping the nails remain in good health is very important because the nail is a member of the body that have a large role because it has many functions. Therefore, keep the health and appearance of the nails are very important. But if the nails already damaged need proper handling to fix it, either in modern or traditional use.


The following diseases that attack nails and how to fix broken nail with the nail care tips as well as fast in order to keep it healthy and beautiful nails.

Some diseases of the nails that you should know

1# NailĀ Fungus

One nail diseases that often attack, where the attacker fungus nails i.e. Onychomycosis or tiny engine. Nail moldy usually itches as well as taste hot that need proper handling.

2# Onychogryphosis

The condition of the nails becomes very thick and curved because of minor injuries that are not immediately resolved because things as small as the size of the shoes that are too small, this disease is common in the elderly.

3# Onychomadesis

Broken nails are little by little because the fungus and often occurs in patients of tumor diseases who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

4# Onycholysis

Almost the same as the previous nail disease, that is, the nails become brittle and broken gradually. Nail broken nail due to the moist for a long time and continuously. Diseases of the nails like this often strike people with diabetes because it has a low antibody.

5# Onychorrhexis

The nails will split into 2 halves vertically and nail diseases usually caused by deposits of chemicals on specific products such as detergents, floor cleaners, soaps and more.

6# Onychauxis

The disease is also called hypertrophy i.e. nail thickening are experiencing excess or abnormal. Circumstances such as these nails can be caused by infection or genetic disease.

7# Leuconychia

This disease occurs due to the entry of air into the base of the nail. Usually the disease is divided into several types:

-Leuconychia totals with all nail colors to white.

-Leuconychia partials i.e. nails a white-only partially.

-Leuconychia state, i.e. There are white lines that form parallel to the nail.

Lysimachia Leuconychia-IE popped up small spots on the nail.

Here are some how to fix broken nails

1# Using vinegar

If you have a little problem on the fingernails or a less serious leg can by soaking the hands on the liquid vinegar. The vinegar will help remove dirt and fungus nails look so much healthier. Nails soaked in the liquid vinegar for 10-15 minutes then rinsed with clean water.

2# Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil contains compounds these Terpenoids that have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Because some of the content in it is capable of killing bacteria and fungi that attach to the nails. Do I simply slathered on a broken nail on a regular basis every day.

3# Gargle

In addition used to clean dirt and germs in the mouth, mouthwash can also be used to treat a broken nail. In a mouthwash containing thymol, eucalyptol, salicylate that can kill bacteria and fungi so the nails back healthy. Simply by applying a mouthwash evenly on the nail and soothe overnight and rinsed the next day.

4# Essential oil of oregano

Oil containing analgesic, antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and very useful to fix a broken nail. To get the most, can be mixed with olive oil. How to use the right, i.e. the oil slathered on the nails evenly and are used routinely to nail into better circumstances.

5# Salt water

Salt has excellent benefits for beauty skin and nails. Salt water to kill germs and bacteria on the nail so it speeds up the healing process. Use salt water by soaking nails for 20 minutes, then rinses the nails with warm water.

6# Star fruit “wuluh” (Averrhoa bilimbi)

Star fruit “wuluh” can also be utilized to solve the problem of the nail because of the content of flavonoids as antibacterial. In addition, starfruit “wuluh” also contains vitamins and amino acids to brighten the color of nail polish. How to use star fruit wuluh slathered with enough on the nails evenly at least 3 times a week to get a free nail fungus with bright colors.

7# Lemon

Vitamin C and antibacterial contained in lime juice can help lighten the color of the nail and kill germs and bacteria on the nail. Lime can be used in a way to squeeze the water and then mixed with warm water. After that the mixture can be used to soak the nails of the hands and feet for 15 minutes.

8# Food-calcium

The nails are part of the same body with the bone and requires many food intake to contain calcium. Foods that contain lots of calcium, i.e. milk, milk also contain vitamins A, B, and iron that can strengthen nails and accelerate the growth of the nail.

9# Medical care

If it has been placing treatments using natural ingredients and have yet to get the results, the very need to conduct consultations on expert. Consultation will get the right solution to perform the right action is medically. The treatment can be done with expert recipes so that the look of the nails will come back healthy and beautiful.

Nail care So beautiful and Healthy

1# Nail Pampering To preserve the health of a nail with a beautiful view, very necessary to nail pampering.

Pampering nail on the feet and hands can be done by way of massaging the muscles of the feet and hands especially after a. A massage can be done slowly to give the effect of relaxation on the muscles of the legs and arms. If the muscles of the legs and arms in good condition, then the nails will always be healthy and beautiful.

2# Pay attention to the use of gel Nail Polish

Nail Polish is useful to beautify the appearance of the nail, so most women use it. The use of Nail Polish should use the correct way using a base coat first before Nail Polish. The base coat will protect the layer of the nail so it is not directly affected by the nails. Besides the selection of Nail Polish and base coat must be appropriate, i.e., choose products that are secure so that it does not cause any effect at a given time. In addition how to take off gel nail polish on the nails should also use the correct way to maintain the health and beauty of the nails.

3# Choose the right glitter

Glitter is one of the items to beautify the appearance of the nails as well as nail polish. Glitter has a slightly different look with nail polish, i.e. shiny effect on nails. The selection of glitter also must be careful to pay attention to the content IE.

4# Use lemon

Maintain the health and beauty of the nails can be done with regular treatment. Treatments that can be done using lemon juice and essential oils are blended evenly. Nails soaked in the liquid for about 20 minutes and then rinsed with clean water. How can this be done at least once a week to maintain the beauty of the nails.

5# Using Aloe Vera

Other natural ingredients that can be used as nail care, namely Aloe Vera. The content contained in it was able to maintain the shape of the nails. How by applying Aloe Vera gel or slime on the nail regularly, at least 2 times a week will give you maximum results.

That’s some tips how to fix a broken nail using the traditional way and can do as well as medical care so that nail still appear healthy and beautiful. A healthy and beautiful nails can be an indication that the health of the body as a whole is in good shape in particular bone. May be beneficial for you and good luck with the above treatments.

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