25+ Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs For Beginners


Halloween Nail Art – The costumes, makeup, and hairdo. Those all are matters for Halloween, but wouldn’t be good enough without spooky-but-adorable nail look. Then what should you do with your nails? Just sit down nicely, because we will give you tons of Halloween nail art ideas that let your manicure and fingertips do the talking. Here we show you some creative options:

Halloween Nail Art Ideas

No real Halloween without spelling and mentioning bones, blood, pumpkin, skeleton, and all kind of ghosts. Get your own creativity the polish your nails up with the characters we give you down below. Happy Painting with these Halloween nail art ideas!


Spooktacular Bones

For those who really love Halloween, bones and skeleton are ‘A Must’ characters in every look, even for the nails. This so perfectly matches for every outfit you wear. All you need to get going with this cool Halloween nail art design is a small brush, a sponge, and of course black nail polish and special gel top coat polish.

Boo-tiful Fright Night

What is the first thing you do while you see something very frightening? Yes, Scream! The slasher movie by Wes Craven has a very famous character, and you can make it in the couple of your nails! This should be the most frightening nail art ever because you bring the Scream in the whole night of Halloween.

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Scary Starry Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Halloween is always synonymous with all that frightening. Yes, but you can make it a little ‘sparkle starry’ after the polish. As the idea of this one – use gems as decoration and applying glittery burgundy as the base color. Then you will get stunning Halloween nail art look.

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Shockin’ Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art Design

Jack O’Lantern is coming back! With a very identical colors, black and orange, this character shouldn’t be missed.  Perhaps, The Pumpkin is the epitomes of the essence of Halloween – which can not be separated.

Have A Good Nightmare, Jack!

Who doesn’t know Jack Skellington? Painting the phenomenal character of Nightmare Before Christmas will gain you a more attention and captivating your look. You can add a sparkle effect if you want, or combine it with a different print or stamps.

Splatter and And Glitter

Blood splatter is very disturbing, but not with splatter dark red color gel polish above the brighter shades of nail color. This is so much challenging and the one of easy Halloween nail art you can make.

Simple Spiderweb Nail Art

Just a spider web! But one of the Halloween nail art ideas looks very attractive when affixed on your nails! See, very impressive right?

Mommy! It’s Mummy!

The 3D effect never dies on this Halloween! Let a small bandage

‘wrapped around’ your nails. And see how a mummy managed to ‘perch’ on your fingers.

Jason The Friday 13th Is On Your Nails!

If you think the Friday 13th movie are the classic freaky theme for your Halloween, then put him on your nails, The details of his mask will absolutely make your nails so bootiful and spooktacular!

Creepy 3D Zombie Nail Art

You have to play around with ‘acrylic nail enhancements’ and make it part of  Halloween zombie party. However, not all zombie-themed Halloween nail art to be all that creepy, just look at how the dark impression makes the fingers more magnificent.

Halloween Nail Colors

Almost any color can be presented on your nails in te occasion such as special Halloween. Starting from the darkest gradation to the most light. Play your creativity! And let all of these colors are on your fingers.

As well as blood and Oxblood Red means blood spills; Purple as a symbol of an elegance of the Witch; Green and purple as the color typical of Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin; Gray as a symbol of awesomeness and the silence of the cemetery; and of course Black! Combine them to get a gorgeous look of your Halloween nail art. Check here

Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs

Looking forward an easy Halloween nail art designs for beginners? Let’s check this one out!

Gloomy and Darker Cemetery

What’s wrong with presenting a horrible impression of a funeral or cemetery? No, you would make your nails ‘talk’ now. Very stunning!

Cute Black Cats, Witch, and the Freaky House Halloween Nail Art

No need to fear, and you should be amazed. This Halloween nail art design is actually very sparkling. Needless to add other details such as 3D gems, since you’ve become a witch complete with a beautiful impression of elegance and mystery at your nails.

Smiley Ghost Halloween Nail Design

Not to be scary, but the nail art display above adequately represent sinister impression-that-turns-quite-cute. Maybe the girls will like this one Halloween nail art decoration. Oh, look! Glow in the dark!

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Still looking forward the best Halloween nail art designs here? Here we give you on the our Gallery: