12 Cute Spring Nail Colors – Best Spring Nail Art Designs For 2017


Spring Nail Colors – New Shades of 2017 has come! Change the dark mood of dark winter colors in 2016, and feel the obsessive beautiful spring feelings by these cute spring colors on your nails! Check this spring nail colors out, and get your bold colors of the season.

Spring Nail Art


After last year’s Spring Nail Art enlivened with pastel and sandy colors, this time the selected color are colors that tend to be nuanced ‘monochrome’ – not gloomy, just gray. All the manicure artist choose this color based on the latest silver gray hair dye – Gray Ombre Hair Trend for Fall 2016. And now, they ‘poured’ the idea of gray and its shades in the latest spring nail colors 2017. Do you wanna know more how it goes? Do you wanna know how it seems like? Well, here we provide you spring nail art with choose The Chosen Gray as the New Spring nail Colors 2017.

Best Spring Nail Colors Designs For 2017

Grayscale “Dipped in Petroleum” Nail Art

Dipped in petroleum as nail design? Really? Yes1 You can get the up-to-date and latest spring nail art design with so-called ‘dipped in petroleum’. A sheer wash of gray at the tips actually looks absolutely delicate. It seems like watercolor, but the gradient mixed perfectly and match the contour.

Spectrum Vintage Pink and Gray Vaganza

Do you know why it called spectrum? Because all the gradient of pink and gray are there! With a double technique of Ombre nail art at the top and down to nails, these 2 spring nail colors mixed deeply perfect. Get the more stunning look by stamping or putting the 3D gems and objects.

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Surprisingly Adorable Baby Pinky

The natural look is always so classic – not kind of boring. And absolutely the best choice of spring nail colors. This is so beautiful. When you polish the baby pink as the base color and layer it with a transparent gel polish, you get that adorable look, girls. Just give it a try!

Splash Gray Almond Nail Art

This Spring 2017 is all about splash! A lot of manicurists created low effort yet high impact this spring nail colors trend, by adorning the nails with just a splash of gray polish. Another way to make it more impressive is to make the splash comes in gradient the create flowy 3D patterns.

Short Nail Dimensional Appliques

You really can not miss this thing! 3D nails object is never die! This  Spring nail art design lets you put jewels, beads, pink fuzz, and another 3D object which is not just cover a part of your nails, but more.

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Predominant Top Nail Colors

Another new technique of nail art for Spring 2017:  a small brush applied baby blue like an extreme half moon (half moon technique is one of the latest technique of 2016), showing how easy no mess French oval tips can be achieved with. The effect is quite striking and mercifully easy to achieve. Nail artists painted first a base coat of color, and then almost completely covered it with a top color, only leaving a bit of the bottom polish showing.

Glossy 3 Gradations Expectations

The glossy gradations spring nail colors deals the matte nails! This one of nail art ideas for spring suits round and oval shaped nails painted with glossy shades of gray, mint, and orange. The shades itself comes in gradient, so you will see something out of your expectation but still rock your nails.

Grayish Blue Sky Effect

No matter how hard you try to actually look for an original idea, you might deeply interest with one of our nail art ideas for spring above – we called it grayish blue sky effect. The main thing you should use is gunmetal dark gray color base gel polish and pour it with some eternally edgy pale blue nails. This not only amazing, this so stunning!

Cute Spring Nail Designs

Rounded nails – or you call it egg-shaped nails are actually in trends! Mostly the Manicurist says this upcoming popular nail shapes that are most commonly seen on the runways – Oval Almond, Squoval or Square Oval, Rounded, and Long Rounded. And especially for the cute spring nails, you seem to put more glittery glossy effect. And still with gray and ombre gradient, let’s check these cute spring nails which will be the most popular spring nail art in 2017.

Sparkling Orange, Gems, and Tapes

This is something highly different. Combine gems and tapes in one nail, paint the orange gel polish in other nails and remain one single nail with a sparkling gray polish.

Sweet Gray Plaid Spring Nail Art Design

If you think gray and pink ain’t a part of the cute spring nail colors, then you go wrong! Cute spring nails with gray can cheer your day up by putting paid stamp into it. Just let one or a couple of nails evenly painted.

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Wanna know more ideas of spring nail colors? Check our gallery and find the best spring nail colors and art for you!