21 Cute Nail Colors for Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas


Cute Nail Color – The latest trendy and cute nail draws and its inspiration will be served here for especially you to celebrate the X-mas. These Christmas nail art designs below is all taken from Pinterest and we do know you will absolutely love it. With the cut nail color such as Red and its shades, Green, White, and Blue, get the most stunning nail look for X-mas and be the special one at the moment!

Let’s check this one out!


Cute Nail Colors for Christmas

The most popular Christmas nail colors are always about Red, Green, White, Black, and Gold – well it’s “A Must” nail colors for Christmas, we know. But have you ever try to make it on one nail and mixed it? Yes! Prepare you mani, various stamps, tapes, a small brush, 3D ornaments, Gems and Rhinestones, and any kind of gel polish (include glittery silver and glossy gold)! We will make a work now.

Red Ruby, Glossy Burgundy, and Classy Wine

There are nothing more fashionable nail colors for Christmas besides Red – in fact, festive nail art that suits many occasions is always Red. Red is the prettiest seasonal color scheme that seems meaningful and matching. Then for the Christmas, you can not even miss this color.

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White Nail Designs

We love this subtle nod to winter weather, as the Christmas happens in this cold season. The combination between Red and White – the most popular Christmas nails colors that manicurist use is a great twist for an amazing nail look.

Shimmering Evergreen

While a manicure might not be everlasting, this deep shade of Christmas Tree color or evergreen is stand out in this season. what you can do to make it come more trendy is paint a branch or tree design with a glittery gold gel polish.

Blue Nail Designs

As the Xmas happens in the winter, then Blue can not be missed. Draw a Snowman or snowflakes fall from the sky in the blue base color. Such a special manicure for a happy Christmas.

Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Red, Green, White, and Blue are the holiday-appropriate shades. And a rich and bold glossy painting will make it amazingly good. So, here we go, The Christmas Nail Art Ideas that you can do by yourself easily!

Midnite Shimmer Galaxy Blue With Snowflakes

One of a very good way to make a cute nail design in you nail for Christmas is just polish it boldly enough. Paint the nails with a 2 or 3 thick layer shimmer blue, then you will get the spectacular effect of Starry Galaxy in the sky. The last, stamp one or a couple nail with a white snowflake.

Cute Nail Color Red With Snow

Looking for red Christmas nail art ideas? This cute red one can be inspired to make an amazing look with a very special red outfit. Besides, this is one of the easiest Christmas nail art ideas that you can do by yourself.

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Silver Color Base Christmas Nail Art Ideas

This fabulous and easy Christmas nail art design is taken from the most popular nail art manicurist at crazyforus.com. When you really want a cute nail design shown with a 3D effect, then you should mix the nail enhancements, acrylic powder, and finishing gel polish. Create a cute snowman then put it in one nail. On the other nails, you can add the tapes and also stamps that layering the silver base color on the nails become more amazing!

Candy Christmas Present Nail Design

What if we play with tapes? Yes! This candy wrap stripes not just makes you ‘want to eat’, but also make such a special appearance at Christmas and it’s so impressive.

Christmas Santa Cute Nail Design

Santa Clause is the main ‘actor’ on Christmas – then why don’t you put even his hat on your nails? Santa hat Christmas cute nail art may give the impression of thick and real. Are you ready to meet the Santa?

Sparkly Santa Hat Nail Design

Taken from the GoBeautyPie, now you can do such a very stunning and sparkling french manicure nails with a Santa hat. This is the easiest way for you to have a beautiful Christmas nail design with no time-consuming nail art.

Fairly Charming Christmas Tree Nail Art

Stefanie Deming put the single stripe in her french manicure nails, draw a single Christmas Tree and its Gold Star, then layered with the glittery transparent gel polish. This is so simple but adorable.

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Nailstorming White Present in Christmas Nail Design

What gift do you expect for Christmas this year? Too many gifts for you! Show your best Xmas present at the moment! Thing you can do is certainly painting your nails.

Candy, Santa, and The Christmas Cute Nail Design

How do you describe your Christmas? Santa, Candi and Snowflakes? Yes! We thought so. So we serve you this festive and cute nail design for brighten the moment. Now you have your own Santa at the nails!

RightCorner Sparkling Christmas Nail Art

Add sparkling Snowflakes and be the center of attention! This beautiful nails you can have with applying glossy red gel polish and glitter gel polish. Do not forget to use plenty of various of Christmas stamps.

Marble Cute Nail Art

This tutorial seems so easy, but the result is so amazingly awesome. Some manicurists use this technique to make a fabulous nail art. And you can do it for your Christmas nail art design! This is highly recommended nail art for making your look so outstanding.

Simple and Cute French Manicure Nail Art

If you’re thinking to make the simplest Christmas nail art, then we got you covered with this kind of very simple french mani nail art. It can all be done with the help of tapes. Surprisingly easy, isn’t it?

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Gingerbread Green and Red Nail Art

Impress everyone in the Christmas full of Joy moment with this classic Gingerbread and Candy cute nail art. May take a little more patience and time, but you will not regret it because the result will be very satisfying. It’s quite a sophisticated version of short nails.

Frozen Nail Art

cute nail polish colors

Playing with the beautiful and cute nail art of Elsa “Frozen” is an easy way to take your manicure to a whole new level. All you need here are just a glitter dipped with shades of blue nail polish, white matte nail polish, and also the Ombre gradient technique of nail art. You’ll see how this nail art elevate the white mani and showing a sprinkling festive Frozen nail look.

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Joyful Christmas in the Winter Wonderland

Celebrate the Christmas with a very special snowflakes stamping and simply blue-silver-and-white dots painting each nails.Why pick only one or two Christmas nail colors, when you can have it all in one nail? Combine the matte black base polish with the blue and its shades, white, and also silver-gold stamping. They are all becoming such a gloriously festive snowflakes design that shocking your day.

Matte Velvet Nail Art

cute nail colors for dark skin

As you are ready for the Christmas, this matte velvet cute nail design also ready to give you something special! Giving a little glossy look on the tips, is just like change the way you polish the nails with french manicure.

Cute Winter-Inspired Nail Art

It’s tme to classics! ‘Old and ugly’ knitted sweater is still the one thing you can not miss this Christmas. If it looks like it’s for-the-pro-manicurist, then you were wrong. This is completely do-able for you at home – just prepare all the stamps.

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Gold Christmas Tree Nail Design

Festive moment, festive nail art. So you need this festive Christmas nail color, too – Call it Shiny Gold. Even when you feel that red is too ‘mainstream’ for Christmas, then gold is certainly perfect! You will get the impression of luxury and elegance in this special day.