Blue Nail Art, Nail Color Ideas Are The Most Beautiful


Blue is the color that is stylish and always in fashion: manicures fans did not leave the side for the next season! What is the most beautiful blue nail art? Blue nails, is an elegant design to enhance each embodied some good ideas to renew the blue shows fantastic manicure and nail in the upcoming fall season.

Among the many nail polishes that we come to appreciate the last few years and we are sure you will be a good point of call for all women who have the patience and the willingness to revise his manicure for next fall and winter, there are definitely blue. Decreased mainly in elegant Midnight blue, blue nail design can be a great choice for all those who want to bet on the nuances of this tune, suitable for any type of skin tone.


Dark blue, electric blue, blue Serenity, and again blue and white, blue and gold, blue and Fuchsia: combinations and shades is not limited and it is possible to make the nails are always changing and very chic.

Blue nail Art Point?

In choosing the design of blue nails, being careful not only to understand what style preferences, but also make a conscious decision based on your skin. In General, the colors are darker and more will donate more pink or brownish olive skin, thanks to the intensity of the tones. Therefore, try to choose something more clear or metallic if your skin is very clear, so You will be able to illuminate it and perfect it the best way.

Blue Nail Polish and makeup

Another very important point of attention is the ability to match the exact make of dark blue nail designs. Tricks that You probably would have voted for next fall can be very simple and minimal, almost naked, red color, which can be identified by a large glowing result. This way you will get a contrast that is characterized by greater brightness, while the smooth.

Many ideas

Good luck to you, there are dozens of types of blue nail polishes. A variety of broad and diverse really will give You the best choice if – and we suggest you do it or, at least, to evaluate – you plan to move to the next blue shades of nail polish your nails.

Dark Blue Nail Designs: Among the various shades, our advice is to aim in dark blue. This is a very elegant option, which can be used not only by young girls who want to get Glamour, but also by women than with age, hoping to wink with the contemporary trends.

Sky Blue Nail Designs: Easier to make blue nail art are those made in the color of the nail, which one to choose darker shades in the sky and the sea.

Classic Blue and White Nail Designs: Who likes to have trendy nails can’t help but try at least once, her nails blue with geometric patterns opposite Hue. You can choose between a classic white or between such striking Fuchsia color, yellow, or red.

One of the classic blue nail art is one in marine style, with white bands alternating with dark blue color: to do it only on a few fingers or entire hands!

Blue and Silver: Silver color with Blue Nail Polish with glitter adds to the end of the nail color is blue. Add a black glitter nail on the special silver to make it look more alive and makes you appear more fashionable.

Blue and gold: Nail design with combination of dark blue nails in the nail bed while the top dressed zoya Nail Polish product gold 18 k

Finally, blue can be combined with precious glazes such as silver and gold, which can be used to create decorations and to decorate the hands.

In the gallery we have chosen some of the best Blue nail art: what is your favorite?

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