12 Best Winter Nail Designs For 2017

Hi, girls! How’re ya doing? We wish you and everyone have a good winter nail designs in 2017. Well, we know that you are coming here for looking an upcoming fashion of winter nail art, so we will give you innumerable winter nail art and designs, the right choice of winter nail colors, and also the easy winter nail art design that you can do by yourself. So what is the best combination for this winter nail designs 2017? Let’s check this one out!

Winter is the pleasant weather, we know it. Then we really wish you have a great looking too for this winter nail designs 2017 – especially your detail on nails. The trendy winter nail designs we provide you here is also featuring great light colors in the dark color base – it has always been a famous. Normally, this acceptable method of framing a winter nail art ideas depends on the outfit you wear, your hands and shape of the nails, and also the event that you go to.

Winter Nail Designs and Colors Ideas for 2017

Before we serve you with tons of winter nail designs ideas, what is the best nail color for winter? Pink? No. Pastels? Oh, that is the best color for net Summer, combine with orange and peach. Then?

Yes! Burgundy or Oxblood, Metallic Blue, and Glittery Dark Purple. We will also insert Dark Green because Christmas happens in the winter. Take a look at the picture below.

Boldy Oxblood or Burgundy Nails

winter nail designs - burgundy nails-min

A very challenging and will shock your outfit out! The oxblood or burgundy color very suits with any outfit you can wear in this winter. It’s gonna make your look very very hot. And here we serve you winter nail designs with the best winter nail colors Oxblood/Burgundy.

Boldy OxBlood SnowFlakes

winter nail designs - Boldy OxBlood SnowFlakes

If you have a soft look for this winter, such as in your makeup, hairdo, and everything you wear, actually you can add the soft look in your hands too. The soft look in your nails polishes also a matter, and you can put it in the snowflakes stamp above the bold polish oxblood/burgundy base color. Look very stunning, isn’t it?

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Hottest Starry Burgundy Nail Design

Winter Nail Designs - Hottest Starry Burgundy Nail Design

The stars are falling down this winter! The shades of Burgundy is always looked amazing in everything, include you winter nail look. The starry burgundy nail art is the trendiest winter nail designs ideas in this 2017 that any girl asks, so make it on your nail! Then you will get your great, nice, and hot look on your nails.

White Stamping In The Winter Burgundy Nail Designs

Winter Burgundy Nail Art - Winter Nail Designs

Things you can not miss on the winter nail art ideas are all about snowflaskes, reindeer, cherry, and the pattern of body warmers knitted sweater. Then put’em all on your nails by stamping. Look at them, that is soo stunning and adorable.

Warmy Metallic Blue Nail Design

Warmy Metallic Blue Nail Design - Winter Nail Designs

This winter nail color is all about high-contrast and high-impact color, such as this combination of metallic and blue.  So, just pull out your primaries, take other bright shades of blue like aquamarine and bright shades of Prussian Blue — and go bold with your nails. Check these metallic blue for winter nail designs below:

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Dark Grey Glitter Fade Blue Matte Nails

Winter Nail Designs - Dark Blue Matte Nails With Glitter Gold

Mix up the dark grey glitter and matte blue polish. What is the most captivating about this winter nail designs ideas? The glitter fade! Shellac manicurist presents this idea for you and you should give this ideas more that 2 thumbs up.

Crystal Turquoise Pointy Winter Nail Designs

Crystal Turquoise Pointy Winter Nail Art - Winter Nail Designs

When a touch of crystals and ice embedded in your nails beautifully. You will not be able to resist the splendor and beauty of crystals and turquoise color effects. A very luxurious masterpiece that will be yours in an instant. And this winter, you’re the queen of crystals!

Stylish Glittery Dark Purple With Magnet Nail Polish Technique

Winter Nail Designs - Stylish Glittery Dark Purple With Magnet Nail Polish Technique

Make your dream of magnificent winter come true! The magnet nail polish is now available – when you put it on your nails, the cat eyes effect is absolutely perfect in there. You would never guess that this will look very impressive and makes you become a charming belle winter.

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Clear Pretty Looking Dark Purple French Tips

Winter Nail Designs -Dark Purple Glitter French Tip Nail Art Winter Nail Designs - Dark Purple French Tips

Use the clear top coat nail polish for make this winter nail art comes special. French manicure is always a best option – and this is the best winter nail art ideas. Go make it!

Easy Winter Nail Designs

The easiest winter nail art trend for 2017? Changing up your manicure’s finish.The incredibly subtle, and can create more textures that reflect beautifully off light will be so much lovely. You only need to add one bottle to your nail repertoire — either a matte or a high-shine topcoat. Here we give you the winter nail designs ideas with a simple and easiest painting:

Wavy And Glittery Winter

Wavy And Glittery Winter Nail Designs

Paint the french manicure nails with a sparkling turquoise nail polish, just at your nail tip. And then draw with a small brush a wavy look with 3 or 4 different colors of blue – shades of blue and a bit white. Finish it with clear top coat and put gems on one or two nails.

Cute and Easy Burgundy Winter Nail Designs

Cute and Easy Burgundy Winter Nail Art Designs

Simply use the triangular tapes on the outer side of the nail then apply nail polish evenly, repeatedly until make a boldy highlight and voluminous. Such a big amazing look from a small touch of nail polish.

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